Garage Upgrades

How Rubber Bottom Seals Can Save You Money

Garage door bottom seals work to keep out pests and moisture, pressing against the pavement to create a blockage that lets nothing go through or under it. Over time and numerous open...

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The Advantages of Powder Coated Garage Parts

Old, rusty hinges can make your garage door loud and shaky-- it won’t open or close smoothly, which can be a huge nuisance for you and your family. The Premium White Powder...

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Why You Need Reinforcement Brackets for Garages With Automatic Openers

If you have an automatic garage door opener in your home or are planning to install one, you have to make sure that door is reinforced in some way; if your door...

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Using Steel Bearings to Make Your Garage Last

It takes a lot of work to lift your garage door up and put it back down; torsion springs help to carry out this task, and constantly have a lot of tension...

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Advantages of Magnetic Garage Door Hardware

Updating your garage door doesn’t have to be a day-long commitment; you can spruce up its appearance in a matter of minutes AND skip the permanence with DURA-LIFT magnetic hardware-- unlimited customization...

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How To Give Your Garage the Ultimate Makeover

Maximize space and transform your garage into something brand new! For many people, a garage is somewhere to park cars, maybe store some tools and equipment, but not much else. However, with...

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