How Rubber Bottom Seals Can Save You Money

Garage door bottom seals work to keep out pests and moisture, pressing against the pavement to create a blockage that lets nothing go through or under it. Over time and numerous open and close cycles, this seal can become deformed and cracked, leading to performance failure. When your bottom seal stops working, water, small animals and the weather can enter, creating problems (whether it be a high electric bill or mice eating away at the items stored in your garage). 

Typical vinyl seals begin to flatten and crack after just a few years, giving way to pest, energy and water issues fairly quickly. DURA-LIFT’s Rubber Garage Door Bottom Seal has 5x better performance when compared to PVC plastic alternatives-- it is made of 100% EPDM rubber, giving it superior bounceback and flexibility. 

Because DURA-LIFT’s Rubber Garage Door Bottom Seal keeps its shape so well, it creates a tight seal that will reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home when the door is closed-- air is blocked from entering or exiting, assuring that there are no temperature fluctuations. The durable rubber can withstand intense temperatures as well, handling anything between -60°F to +290°F while still keeping form.

The seal is universally applicable, fitting all 5/16” double-T type retainers; they’re available in either 9 ft. or 17 ft. rolls and can be easily cut to fit any door size below that. To attach them, all you have to do is slide the T-shaped edges into your garage door’s seal track and feed it across the length of your door, making sure that the ridges are facing outside.

Garage door bottom seals are extremely important when it comes to keeping costs down, keeping your space moisture-free, and keeping the valuables inside your garage safe-- traditional vinyl weatherstripping will flatten and crack within just a few years, leading to issues and the cost of replacement-- rubber bottom seals from DURA-LIFT won’t need this level of upkeep, keeping your garage securely sealed.