Why You Need Reinforcement Brackets for Garages With Automatic Openers

If you have an automatic garage door opener in your home or are planning to install one, you have to make sure that door is reinforced in some way; if your door can’t handle the pressure of being pulled up, it could malfunction. 

Automatic openers pull a garage door up from the top panel of the door, opening it by continuing to pull the door up along its track. Garage doors are very heavy, weighing up to hundreds of pounds; when the opener pulls on a single panel to lift it, a lot of stress is put on the door. If it isn’t reinforced in some way, the door and the opener may be damaged by the pressure put on it, leading to some expensive repairs. However, installing a reinforcement bracket on your garage door can quickly and easily avoid this issue, ensuring that your garage stays sturdy and operational for years to come. 

DURA-LIFT’s reinforcement bracket kit acts as that necessary extra support for your garage, using durable 14-gauge steel (stronger than the 18-gauge competition) to open and close your door smoothly. The bracket is 21 inches long, the standard size for the top section of garage doors, and works by connecting the top door hinge to the top of the panel, where the garage door opener’s operator arm sits. This heavy-duty bar alleviates some of the pressure on the door by pulling on the metal hinge as well, dispersing the stress of opening and closing throughout the door. This way, one centralized location won’t have to bear the full force alone. 

DURA-LIFT’s reinforcement kit also includes all the hardware necessary for installation; two self-tapping screws to fasten the bracket to the door and a clevis pin-cotter pin combination to lock the operator arm into the bracket. That’s all you need to install, paired with common household tools to put everything in-- easy as that!

Automatic garage doors are extremely convenient for any house to have, but it’s important to make sure your door has a reinforcement bracket that is strong enough to handle it-- this is an effective and simple way to assure your garage door and opener operate smoothly and effortlessly.