Using Steel Bearings to Make Your Garage Last

It takes a lot of work to lift your garage door up and put it back down; torsion springs help to carry out this task, and constantly have a lot of tension on them to do that. Bearings are installed on the ends of torsion spring shafts between the stationary cones to limit friction, ensuring the springs rotate properly while keeping your door operational, smooth and safe. 

Bearings, like rollers and torsion springs, have a cycle duration; bearings last far longer than bushings, which are rated at only 10,000 cycles on average. DURA-LIFT’s Ultra-Life radial bearings last up to one million open and close cycles, compared to our top competitors’ 100,000-cycle duration. These sturdy stainless steel bearings are sealed to keep out dirt, dust and grime, ensuring a high-performance lifespan-- you won’t have to replace them for decades, eliminating hassle later down the line.

DURA-LIFT has two different steel bearing sizes; the standard 400 lb and the heavy-duty 900 lb. The 400 lb. bearing is typical for homes to use, easily supporting a majority of garage doors-- the 900 lb. option is more intense, being able to support far more weight (this may be useful for commercial or industrial endeavors). 

Steel bearings are a small and easy way to limit the number of things you have to fix as the years go on. DURA-LIFT is committed to Setting the Standard in Door Parts™, making repairs, replacements and upgrades as easy as possible.