The Advantages of Powder Coated Garage Parts

Old, rusty hinges can make your garage door loud and shaky-- it won’t open or close smoothly, which can be a huge nuisance for you and your family. The Premium White Powder Coated Hinge Tune-Up Kit gives you everything you need to make your door operate quietly; a full set of white powder coated hinges, powder coated top brackets, a 10-piece set of Titan rollers, and Eco-Xstream lubricant spray. With this kit you can replace all parts of your sectional door that may lead to unwanted noise and trouble.

The powder coated design of these replacement parts sets them apart from their ordinary, non-coated 14-gauge steel counterparts; they’re just as strong, easy to replace and their coating makes them rust resistant for longer lifetime value. Their white coloring also makes them match the color of most garage doors, allowing for a more visually seamless appearance. Both functionality and aesthetic are improved upon with the powder coat kit, allowing you to forget all about your hinges-- no more noise, no more standing out. 

The Titan rollers feature nylon wheels to aid in quiet operation, as well as a triple-coated black oxide stem to resist corrosion, a 6200ZZ bearing that can withstand 25x more open and close cycles than a standard roller, and a front and rear sealed cap to keep out dirt and grime; Titan rollers are built for a lifetime of smooth, quiet operation.

The multi-purpose Eco-Xstream lubricant spray can be applied to all metal parts of your door to help it run smoothly, as well as on other tools; its use can extend beyond garage door maintenance. It dissolves rust and prevents corrosion, leaving a film on its target for long-lasting effectiveness. Using the Eco-Xstream lubricant will further extend the lifetime and quiet operation of your garage door upgrade, lowering maintenance time and improving functionality. 

The Premium White Powder Coated Hinge Tune-Up Kit will quiet and improve the performance of your garage door, coming with everything you need to enhance the functionality and interior style of your garage door.