Advantages of Magnetic Garage Door Hardware

Updating your garage door doesn’t have to be a day-long commitment; you can spruce up its appearance in a matter of minutes AND skip the permanence with DURA-LIFT magnetic hardware-- unlimited customization combinations without the commitment of drill-in hardware!

Magnetic decorative garage hardware is easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to personalize with. The strong all-weather magnets will hold tight to your door, while the durable ABS plastic ensures that your decorations won’t fade or streak over time-- you won’t have to worry about drilling holes in your door or the inevitable rusting and streaking of metal accessories as time goes on.


DURA-LIFT’s magnetic hardware sets offer a range of upgrades for any look. 

The popular carriage-style set offers four hinges and two handles for you to get a carriage / barn-style look; you can also use the 12-piece faux nail kit to add more dimension to your door or the 32-piece faux window set to give the illusion of windows without paying for installation. You can mix-and-match these sets for more creative and personalized looks, or change them out any time-- magnetic means options!

A garage door upgrade using DURA-LIFT’s carriage-style hardware and faux windows

Using magnetic garage hardware can give an instant, stylish upgrade to any home, improving curb appeal and personalizing it to your tastes. Avoid the permanent damage of drill holes with long-lasting, weather-resistant magnetic decorations you can change at any time!