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DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX Plus 2" Nylon 6200ZZ Bearing Sealed Black Oxide 4" Stem Roller (10 Pack)

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The DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life Max+ roller features a nylon wheel, a dual-cage 6200ZZ bearing with protective front & rear covering, and a black-oxide triple-coated stem for corrosion resistance - perfect for doors in high moisture areas. The 6200ZZ bearing has a lifetime guarantee and is rated for 250,000 door cycles for a 110 lb. door. The nylon wheel results in a quieter and smoother opening and closing of your garage door. Plus the seal on the bearing will protect dust, dirt and grime from getting to the bearing grease. The perfect DIY garage door project to reduce your garage opening and closing noise by up to 75%. Install it and forget it.

  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee: install with confidence in our lifetime guarantee. We will replace any manufacturer defective rollers with no questions asked.
  • 6200ZZ Bearings: rated for 250k door open and close cycles (110 lb. load), a 6200ZZ bearing is dual-caged and reinforced to provide maximum strength, performance, and durability
  • Sealed Bearings: external front and rear bearing caps protect the bearing from any dirt or grime from penetrating
  • 3x Coated Black-Oxide Stem: black oxide provides corrosion resistance to galvanized steel shafts, perfect for homes in moisture-heavy regions