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A replacement roller kit for old, noisy or broken rollers on sectional, track-style box truck doors. The DLBR1 DURA-LIFT roller features a 1" high grade Zytel PA6 Nylon wheel, has a reenforced dual-caged 608ZZ bearing to extend the life cycle of the roller. It comes with a sealed and protective front and rear covering, and a triple coated black-oxide 2" stem for extended corrosion resistance to protect from road salt. Compare to the Todco® Style SuperRoller, Dura-Lift Max Life Roller offers a superior performance at affordable price this product is perfect for Do-It-Yourself box truck door repair and maintenance.

Durable: Superior 608ZZ Bearing (rated for over 100,000 door open and close cycles) our rollers perform more than 10x the average rated truck roller for extended Max Life Performance.

Dual Sealed Bearings: We extend roller lifetimes by sealing both the from and rear bearings with protective enclosed caps. This helps guard against salt, road grime, and dust from damaging the bearing overtime: Durable: 608ZZ Bearing rated for high cycles and high load capacity.

High Grade Lubrication: combined with our sealed caps provides consistently lubricated bearings.

Corrosion Resistant: 3x Coated Black-Oxide Stem is perfect for trucks in moisture-heavy regions extends corrosion resistance from weather elements such as salt and sand.

Smooth: 608ZZ Bearing combined with Zytel PAS Nylon Wheel provides for a smooth open and close of truck door, Quieter operation ideal for Livestock hauls.

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