How to Measure Garage Door Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are designed to carry specific garage door weights. When replacing your torsion springs, it is important that you use springs of the same size and specifications as your existing springs. Learn how to measure your old springs to find out what size springs you need.



Step 1: Measure out 20 coils

Count out 20 coils on your torsion spring and measure them with your tape measure. This measurement determines the wire gauge, which corresponds to the color painted on the spring. Refer to the table below to determine your wire gauge based on the spring color and/or 20 coil measurement.

Torsion Spring Wire Gauge 20-Coil Measurement

Step 2: Measure the overall spring length

Measure your spring from wire to wire. Do not include the winding or stationary cones in this measurement. When looking for a replacement, you can safely increase or decrease the length by one inch if necessary.

Step 3: Measure the inner diameter

Use your tape measure to find the diameter. This can be measured on a broken spring. The diameter is usually 1-3/4" or 2" for residential doors and larger for commercial doors.

Step 4: Determine what spring wind you need

Torsion springs come in right wind and left wind. When looking at your garage door, left wound springs are installed on the right and coiled counterclockwise and right wound springs are installed on the left and coiled clockwise. If your door has two torsion springs, replace both springs at the same time to maintain an even tension on your garage door.

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