How to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

Replacing your garage door rollers with DURA-LIFT's nylon rollers can help your door operate more smoothly and quietly.

To ensure the safety of you and your property, be sure to follow all instructions carefully, use the proper tools, and take all of the appropriate safety precautions. With our guide, you can easily and successfully replace your garage door rollers by yourself.

Learn how to install your garage door rollers with our step-by-step instructions below, or refer to our video tutorial.

You will need:
- Set of DURA-LIFT nylon rollers
- Hammer
- Drill (optional)

Step 1: Close the door and disengage the opener

This will prevent the garage door from opening by itself during installation. All rollers except for the top roller will be replaced with the door in the closed position.

Step 2: Pull the bottom roller off the track

Use the claw of a hammer to pry the bottom roller out of the track. While the roller is off the track, remove the roller from the bracket.

Step 3: Insert new rollers

Remove old roller and insert a new roller into the hinge. Repeat this with all of the rollers except for the top roller. Only replace the rollers on one side of the garage and one roller at a time.

Step 4: Remove track with drill if necessary

If you are unable to remove the track with a hammer, use a drill to unbolt the track to make it easier to remove the rollers. Be sure to bolt the track back in place once all of the new rollers are installed.

Step 5: Replace the top rollers

To replace the top rollers, manually open the garage door so that it is all the way open. With the top rollers positioned overhead, lift the top section so that the roller is not in the track and remove the roller from the hinge. Slide your new roller into the hinge and pop the roller back into the track. Repeat this for the top roller on the other side of the door.

Step 6: Reengage the opener

Once all of your rollers are replaced, reengage the opener and test your door to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly.

You have now successfully replaced your garage door rollers! If you need further assistance, contact us with any questions or concerns. Be sure to check out our other tutorials for more garage door resources.