How Titan Garage Door Rollers Improve Your Garage Door Life

Garage door rollers are what make a sectional garage door open and close on the tracks, and when they go bad, you know; if your garage door is noisy, rusty, shaky or locks up, there’s a good chance your rollers are to blame. 

Standard garage door rollers are made of steel for both the wheel and stem, making them prone to rusting. When these steel rollers rust, they catch more on the track, roll less smoothly, and become very noisy, squeaking in the tracks every time the door goes up or down. Additionally, steel rollers are generally only viable for about 10,000 open and close cycles, leading them to need replacement every few years (and their tendency to rust will make them go bad even quicker).

DURA-LIFT’s Titan rollers have a nylon wheel, reducing the noise created by your door by at least 75%; no more squeaking or grinding noises as steel wheels roll against metal tracks. This nylon wheel also helps the door to roll more smoothly, as the plastic doesn’t get caught on the track, allowing for seamless opening and closing. 

Titan rollers also have a triple-coated black oxide stem to avoid rust and corrosion, making them perfect for moisture-heavy regions. The 6200ZZ bearing inside is rated for up to 250,000 door open and close cycles, meaning it can last 25 times longer than the traditional steel roller. The snap-in protective caps prevent dust and grime from penetrating the roller, keeping them clean and functional-- they’re durable, intense rollers that can keep your garage door going forever. 

At DURA-LIFT, we are confident that Titan rollers will last you a lifetime. In fact, we’re so confident that we guarantee it; in the rare case that you need a replacement, we’ll send you one, no questions asked. This is the only roller you’ll ever need; no more management, no more maintenance.