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A replacement roller kit for old, noisy or broken rollers on sectional, track-style box truck
doors. The DLBR2 DURA-LIFT roller features a 2' nylon wheel, a high performance reinforced dual-caged 6200ZZ bearing. Replacement rollers for Todco® and Whiting® style box truck rollers. This product is perfect for Do-It-Yourself box truck door repair and maintenance.

 Durable: 6200ZZ Bearing rated 15x standard roller for 225,000 door open and close
cycles at 190 lb. load providing maximum durability

 Corrosion Resistant: Silver color plated stem is perfect for trucks in moisture-heavy regions.

 Quiet and Smooth: Nylon Wheel combined with the 6200ZZ Bearing reduces lift friction and reduces door noise by at least 75% compared to standard steel rollers

 Extra Lubrication: lubrication groove on roller to disperse lubrication over extended period

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