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Keep your garage door and other working parts well maintained with DURA-LIFT Eco-Xstream Pro Lube! This lubricant is multi-purpose and can be used on garage parts such as hinges, springs, bearings as well as other tools like machine tools, air valves, and firearms. Eco-Xstream advantages over competing lubricants are it has low odor, no hazardous VOCs, and has long-lasting film while dissolving rust and preventing multi-metal corrosion. 

  • Multi-Purpose: perfect for garage door hardware service and maintenance and much more!
  • Quiets Working Parts: stops squeaks and penetrates tight tolerances
  • Extend Door Parts Life: multi-metal corrosion protection and dissolves rust
  • Eco-Friendly: plant based biodegradable formula with no hazardous VOCs and low odor
  • Easy and Safe: safe on metals, spray on and let soak for several minutes and do not wipe off

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