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A complete, heavy-duty tune up kit for new or old doors, the DURA-LIFT Garage Door Hardware Powder-Coated Tune Up Kit (for 16' x 7' doors) comes with everything you need to quiet and improve the performance of your garage door.

Hardware Included: DLKTU167W: 

  • 11 #1 White Powder-Coated Hinges
  • 2 #2 White Powder-Coated Hinges
  • 2 #3 White Powder-Coated Hinges
  • 2 White Powder-Coated Top Brackets
  • 10 6200ZZ Bearing Nylon Titan Strength Rollers
  • 1 6 oz. Eco-Xstream Lubricant Spray.


  • COMPLETE TUNE UP KIT - convenient all-in-one package to quiet both new and old doors
  • HEAVY DUTY GARAGE PARTS - high quality parts to ensure smooth, lasting door operation
  • IMPROVE DOOR PERFORMANCE - thicker gauge hinges and nylon rollers and more will quiet loud doors and support the weight of heavier doors
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - standard hardware that fits a variety of door sizes, weights, and manufacturers
  • PREMIUM ROLLERS - Top garage door roller on the market rated for 200,000 cycles at a 190 load, corrosion resistant stem, snap-in protective cap, and nylon wheel to quiet your door
  • POWDER-COATED - powder coated white hinges and brackets to prevent rust and match the majority of garage doors
  • ECO-FRIENDLY LUBRICANT - Low VOC lubricant that is environmentally friendly while getting the job done

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