DURA-LIFT Garage Parts Installation with Rad Dad Builds

Upgrading your garage door doesn’t have to be a burden, the ease and effectiveness of DURA-LIFT products can help make it rad! 🤙🏼

We recently partnered with DIY and home renovation expert Rad Dad Builds (Nick Clarke) to help him complete an incredible new garage door installation project. He documents the process from beginning to end on his latest YouTube video and blog post. Nick used some of DURA-LIFT’s most popular products including our Lubricant, Rubber Bottom Seal, and Premium Hardware Parts Installation Box to help get his new garage door up and running. The outcome of this garage door transformation was fantastic, and it’s the perfect weekend project for anyone with an old, tired, beaten, or outdated garage door.

If you’re ready to give your garage the upgrade it deserves, head to our How To and Tips & Tricks pages to ensure the process is as safe and smooth as possible.

You can watch Rad Dad Builds’ full garage door installation video below, and be sure to check out his YouTube channel, website, and Instagram (@raddadbuilds) for more DIY and home renovation projects. Thanks again Nick!



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