5 Tips to Safely Care for Your Garage Door Extension Springs

Your garage door has a lot of moving parts that allow it to open and shut with the push of a button. Extension springs and their related hardware are important components of this system, and should be properly maintained to ensure that door runs smoothly.

In this post, we will show you what you need to know about your extension springs, from choosing the correct size to improving strength and durability.

1: The perfect fit

Choose replacement extension springs according to the weight of your garage door. Extension springs are color-coded based on the weight that they are designed to carry. DURA-LIFT’s extension springs are sold in pairs, as we recommend replacing all of your garage door’s springs at the same time. Use the chart below to find the right extension springs for your garage.

2: Safety (cables) first!

With regular use, extension springs can wear down and break over time. Because springs store a significant amount of energy, they can become projectiles and fly out of place at high speeds if they break, potentially causing damage or injury. Installing safety cables prevents this from happening, and can be done easily by yourself.

3: Keep it rolling

The pulley is an important part of the extension spring system. The DURA-LIFT MAX pulley is designed to last for more open-close cycles and operate even more quietly, making it the perfect replacement for your old, noisy, or broken pulleys.

4: Well-oiled machine

Most people open and close their garage door several times each day. In order to keep your extension springs and pulleys running smoothly, we recommend applying lubricant to these parts once per season (about every three months). Lubricant cleans corrosion and oxidation off metal and can help your garage run more quietly.

However, if your garage is still noisy even after regularly applying lubricant, it could be a sign of a more serious issue. Contact a professional to inspect your garage door if you have any doubts.

5: Double or nothing

Double loop ends are standard in all of DURA-LIFT’s extension springs. The double loop means double the strength, and makes the springs more durable by preventing breakage, meaning your extension springs will last even longer.

Following all of these tips will ensure that your household has a reliable garage door for years to come.