How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage with Reliable Bottom Seal

Keeping pests like rodents, snakes, and insects out of your garage can be difficult. Even if the door is shut, it seems like they still can manage to make their way inside. Whether you’re going out to your car, working on a project, or having a garage sale, the last thing you need is to find a creepy crawler in your garage. Colder months tend to draw in more vermin to your garage as they are trying to find warmer shelter. There are a few easy steps you can take including installing a garage door bottom seal, fill fabric, and a door sweep to avoid dealing with pests getting into your garage.

When most garage doors are first installed, they either have a vinyl weatherstripping or none at all. Vinyl is likely to lose its shape and deteriorate over time, making it easy for rodents to enter. DURA-LIFT 100% EPDM rubber bottom weather seal holds its shape 5 times longer than vinyl. Rubber has superior bounceback, eliminating any opening or gap for wildlife to enter while also protecting your garage from weather, insulating your garage door, and keeping energy costs down.

Another add on to garage door weather seals is fill fabric. Made of steel wool, this material is designed to be filled in a bulb-type weatherstripping. Sometimes mice and other rodents can chew their way into the bottom weather seals to make their way into the garage. The steel wool fill fabric has small sharp steel blades that stops the animals from penetrating all the way through the garage seal.

Commercial doors are known for using door brush sweeps to stop mice and insects from entering their warehouses. Door sweeps have many thick bristles that go across the bottom of the industrial doors. The bristles are so tight together that it is impossible for any creature to make its way inside.

Never worry about what creature you might find in your garage by following any of these suggestions. A clean insect and rodent-free garage is a usable garage.