DURA-LIFT Ultra-Seal 2 in. Nylon Garage Roller with Sealed 13-Ball Bearing and 4 in. Stem (10-Pack)

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A replacement roller kit for old, noisy or broken garage door rollers on sectional, track-style garage doors. The DURA-LIFT Ultra-Seal roller features a 2" nylon wheel with a 4" stem and a sealed cap over the 13-ball bearing. This product is perfect for Do-It-Yourself garage door repair and maintenance.

  • Quiet: Nylon Wheel reduces garage door noise by at least 75% compared to standard steel rollers
  • Durable: rated for 55,000 door cycles for a 110 lb. door
  • Protective Caps: Front and back sealed caps prevents dust & grime from penetrating roller
  • Extra Lubrication: lubrication groove on roller to disperse lubrication over extended period
  • Standard Replacement Size: 1-13/16" diameter, 4-5/8" long shaft